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Structure of a paramecium: large ciliate protozoan that lives in stagnant freshwater.
Cilia: minuscule cilia that envelop the paramecium and are used for locomotion.
Contractile vacuole: cavity of the paramecium that is able to contract.
Food vacuole: cavity of the paramecium responsible for digestion.
Micronucleus: one of the less important central organelles of a paramecium.
Oral groove: canal of the paramecium used to ingest nutrients.
Gullet: cavity of the pharynx.
Ectoplasm: vitreous superficial layer of a paramecium.
Endoplasm: central part of a paramecium.
Large nucleus: the most important central organelle of a paramecium.
Canals of contractive vacuole: division of the contractile cavity of a paramecium.
Trochocyst: root of a vibrative cilium of a paramecium.

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