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Jellyfish: transparent, soft-bodied marine animal, umbrella-shaped and of gelatinous appearance.
Umbrella: main part of the body of a jellyfish.
Endoderm: part of the jellyfish that supplies its digestive and respiratory systems.
Stomach: digestive organ of a jellyfish.
Gonad: sexual gland of a jellyfish.
Testis: sac containing the genital organs of a jellyfish.
Tentacle: organ of touch of a jellyfish.
Manubrium canal: tube situated in the foot of a jellyfish.
Oral arms: limb of the jellyfish related to its mouth.
Mouth: entrance to the digestive tract of a jellyfish.
Subumbrella: lower part of the umbrella of a jellyfish.
Radial canal: tube that follows a ray of the umbrella of a jellyfish.
Tentacles: mouth of a jellyfish.
Sense organ: sensory organ of a jellyfish.

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