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Animal biology

Internal anatomy of a turtle


Internal anatomy of a turtle: reptile with an oval shell and a horned beak. It has a very short tail and four short legs, and moves very slowly.
Trachea: the windpipe, which connects the larynx and bronchi of the tortoise.
Lung: respiratory organ of the tortoise.
Stomach: part of the digestive tract of the tortoise between the esophagus and the intestine.
Pancreas: gland in the tortoise that produces digestive enzymes.
Rectum: final part of the tortoise's digestive tract.
Anus: outlet of the tortoise's digestive tract.
Bladder: pocket in which urine collects before it is evacuated.
Ovary: egg-producing reproductive gland.
Intestine: part of the digestive tract of the tortoise after the stomach.
Liver: bile-producing digestive gland.
Heart: blood-pumping organ of the tortoise.
Esophagus: part of the digestive tract of a tortoise between the mouth and the stomach.

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