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Animal biology

Skeleton of a frog


Skeleton of a frog: web-footed amphibian which lives near lakes and ponds. Moves by swimming and jumping.
Maxillary: bony part of the jaw.
Orbital cavity: skull cavity that contains the eye.
Quadratojugal: cheek bone.
Prootic: bones forming the auditory region.
Phalange: each of the small bones forming the fingers.
Occipital lateral: occipital lateral bone.
Carpus: each of the bones forming the wrist.
Metacarpus: each of the bones forming the part of the hand between the fingers and the wrist.
Urostyle: adaptation of one or several vertebrae, stretching the hindquarters.
Ilium: projecting hip bone.
Ischium: one of three bones forming the ilium.
Calcaneum: projecting heel bone.
Talus: bone jointed with the leg bones.
Phalanges: each of the bones forming the toes.
Metatarsus: each of the bones forming the part of the foot between the toes and the heel.
Tarsus: each of the bones forming the heel.
Femur: thigh bone.
Tibiofibula: leg bone.
Sacral vertebra: vertebra of the sacrum.
Vertebra: each of the bones forming the spinal column.
Humerus: arm bone.
Radio-ulna: forearm bone.
Scapular: shoulder bone.
Pterygoid: one of the bones of the palate, forming the root of the mouth.
Skull: bony case of the brain.

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