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Animal biology

Skeleton of a bird


Skeleton of a bird: a warm-blooded animal with two wings, two feet, a horny beak and a body covered with feathers.
Thumb: first digit.
Middle digit: jointed middle appendage.
External digit: jointed outer appendage.
Metacarpal: bone forming the wrist.
Radius: inner bone of the forearm.
Ulna: outer bone of the forearm.
Humerus: arm bone.
Dorsal vertebra: back bone.
Ilium: bone of the pelvis.
Caudal vertebra: tail bone.
Pygostyle: piece formed by the fusion of the last vertebrae of the tail.
Ishium: bone of the pelvis.
Pubis: bone of the pelvis.
Rib: bone of the thoracic cage.
Hind toe: jointed rear appendage.
External toe: jointed outer appendage.
Internal toe: jointed inner appendage.
Middle toe: jointed middle appendage.
Tarsometatarsus: bone of the lower leg.
Tibia: bone forming the central part of the leg.
Sternum: central crest of a bird's sternum.
Femur: bone of the first part of a bird's leg.
Coracoid: projecting part of the shoulderblade.
Clavicle: shoulder bone.
Cervical vertebra: bone of the neck.
Lower maxillary: lower part of the beak.
Upper maxillary: upper part of the beak.
Nares: chamber of the nose.
Orbit: cavfity of the skull that contains the eye.
Skull: bony case of the brain.

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