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Animal biology

Wing of a bird


Wing of a bird: a warm-blooded animal with two wings, two feet, a horny beak and a body covered with feathers.
Middle covert: mid-sized feathers of the wing.
Down fethers: small feathers of the wing.
Alula: feathers of the leading edge of the wing, attached to the thumb bone.
Middle primary covert: mid-sized feathers covering the wing.
Primary covert: feathers forming the contour of the wing.
Mirror: formed by the primaries and having metallic colouring.
Primaries: the largest feathers on the edge of a bird's wing.
Secondaries: large feathers between the primaries and the tertials on a bird's wing.
Tetrial: the innermost of the large festhers on a bid's wing.
Great coverts: large feathers covering the wing.
Scapulars: shoulder feathers.

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