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Animal biology

Beak and foot of an eagle


Beak and foot of an eagle: large diurnal bird of prey, with a hooked beak and powerful claws, which inhabits mountaintops.
Cere: membrane that covers the base of an eagle's beak.
Nare: entrance to an eagle's respiratory system.
Maxilla: upper part of an eagle's beak.
Tongue: taste organ of an eagle.
Mandible: lower part of an eagle's beak.
Chin: part of the face of an eagle below its beak.
Throat: front of an eagle's neck.
Eye: sight organ of an eagle.
Auricular region: part of the head of an eagle related to hearing.
Middle toe: jointed middle appendage.
External toe: jointed outer appendage.
Internal toe: jointed inner appendage.
Nail: hard organ at the end of a digit.
Hind toe: rear jointed appendage.
Tarsus: part of an eagle's leg just above the foot.

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