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Animal biology

Bird beak


Bird beaks: different types of birds mouths, made up of jaws covered by horny mandibles. They do not contain teeth.
Duck: migrating long-flight bird.
Gull: fish-eating bird that inhabits shores.
Eagle: bird of prey that inhabits mountaintops.
Cross bill: bird whose mandibles cross at the end.
Night hawk: nocturnal bird that catches insects by flying with its large beak open.
Avocet: wading bird with a beak that curves upward.
Wood pecker: climbing bird that feeds off larvae found in the bark of trees.
Parrot and Cockatoos: exotic bird able to imitate humain speech and other sounds.
Flamingo: large bird with pink feathers, a long neck and a wide layered beak.
Kiwi: flightless bird of New Zealand. Eats worms and lays its egg in mud.
Spoon bill: wading bird with a long, flat beak.
Pelican: fish-eating bird with a pouched beak which is used to store fish to feed its young.

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