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Animal biology

Horse hoof


Structure of a horse's hoof: horny nail covering the toe of ungulates, which rests on a sole and on which the animal walks.
First phalange: uppermost bone of the toe.
Second phalange: middle bone of the toe.
Periople: rounded projection just above a horse's hoof.
Wall of the hoof: part of the hoof with pincers-like action.
Third phalange: lowest bone of the toe.
Side wall: external part of the hoof.
Heel: part behind a horse's foot.
Frog: piece of soft, flexible horn under the hoof.
Horseshoe: metal shoe attached to a horse's hoof.
Shod: shoed hoof.
Not shod: Unshoed hoof.
Side wall: external part of the hoof.
Sole: hard horny bottom of the hoof.
Median groove: groove at the centre of the hoof.
Bulb: swelling of the hoof wall.
Sesamoid: small bone of the metatarsus.

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