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Human body

Adult female (anterior view)


Adult female (anterior view): mature female human being.
Skull: bony case of the brain.
Forehead: part of the face between the hairline and the eyebrows.
Temple: part of the head between the eye and the top of the ear.
Chin: protuberance of the jaw below the lower lip.
Nipple: conical protuberance forming the point of the breast.
Breast: part of the human chest which contains the mammary gland.
Navel: mark left by the umbilical cord.
Pubis: area at the base of the lower abdomen covered by pubic hairs.
Thigh: upper part of the lower limb of humans; it contains the femur.
Knee: joint between the thigh and the lower leg.
Leg: lower part of the lower limb of humans.
Foot: part of the lower limb of humans that supports the body when it is standing.
Toe: digit of the foot.
Hand: part on the end of a human arm, composed of five (5) fingers and used for thouching and holding.
Abdomen: lower part of the trunk, containing the digestive organs.
Chest or thorax: the part of the upper trunk above the diaphragm and over the ribs.
Mouth: entrance to the digestive tract, situated in the lower part of the face.
Nose: projecting part of the face between the mouth and the forehead, site of respiration.
Ear: external organ of hearing.
Cheek: part of the face between the nose and the ear, and the eye and the lower jaw.
Eye: sight organ.

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