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Human body



Adult female (posterior view): mature female human being.
Hair: hair on the scalp of a human being.
Shoulder: joint connecting the arm to the trunk.
Back: rear part of the body, between the kidneys and the nape of the neck.
Elbow: joint connecting the upper arm and the forearm.
Forearm: part of the upper limb between the elbow and the wrist.
Hand: part of the end of a human arm, composed of five fingers and used for toucning and holding.
Buttock: each of two fleshy parts at the base of the back.
Thigh: upper part of the lower limb of humans; it contains the femur.
Ankle: joint connecting the leg to the foot.
Heel: back part of the foot.
Calf: muscular surface at the back of the leg, below the knee.
Posterior rugae: crease between the two buttocks.
Lumbar region or loin: region of the lower back, in the area of the kidneys.
Wrist: joint connecting the forearm and the hand.
Hip: part of the side of the body between the waist and the thigh.
Shoulder blade: one of two flat triangular bones in the upper back.

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