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Human body

Osteology of skull


Osteology of skull: bony case of the brain of vertebrates.
Frontal: bone of the forehead.
Superciliary arch: arching bone of the eyebrows.
Orbital cavity: hollow part of the skull which contains the eye.
Nasal bone: bones of the nose.
Nasal fossa: bony cavity of the nose.
Maxilla: bony upper part of the jaw.
Mandible: bony lower part of the jaw.
Malar or zygomatic: cheek bone.
Mastoid process: bony outgrowth of the base of the skull.
Occipital: bone forming the lower back part of the skull.
Temporal: bone of the temple.
Sphenoid: bone at the base of the skull.
Parietal: bones forming the sides and tops of the skull.

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