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Human body



Cross section of skin: organ that forms the outer covering of a human body.
Pores: minute holes from which sweat and sebum are secreted.
Hair shaft: a filament that grows from the skin.
Epidermis: outer layer of the skin.
Dermins or true skin: middle layer of the skin.
Sebaceous gland: gland that secretes sebum, which lubricates the skin and hair.
Subcutaneous tissue: deep subcutaneous layer.
Connective tissue: tissue that consists of cells and fibres and which connects and supports.
Matrix: cells that allow hair growth copyright bernard dery infovisual.
Nerve ending: part of the skin that senses stimuli.
Adipose tissue (fat): fat-producing cells.
Arteriole: network of blood vessels that carries blood from the heart to the organs.
Venule: network of blood vessels that carries blood from the organs to the heart.
Sweat gland: gland that produces and secretes sweat.
Pilo erectile muscle: muscle that elevates the hair.
Capillaries: blood vessels that allow the exchange of various nutriments and wastes among cells.
Sweat pore: minute hole that secretes perspiration.
Skin surface: top of the epidermis.

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