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Human body

Spinal nerves


Nervous system: spinal nerves: whitish cords transmitting outgoing signals, from the brain to the organs.
Cervical nerves (innervate the neck and the arms): cords conducting nerve impulses from the neck and arms to the cerebellum via the spinal cord.
Intercostal nerve: cord conducting nerve impulses between the ribs.
Lumbar and sacral nerves (innervate the legs and pelvic organs): nerves originating in the lower back and extending into the pelvis and legs.
Sacral plexus: network of nerves of the sacrum.
Lumbar plexus: network of nerves of the lower back.
Spinal cord: substance belonging to the nervous system, found in the holes of the vertebrae.
Brachial plexus: network of nerves of the arm.
Cerebrum: seat of the mental capacities.

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