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Human body

Female genital organs


Female genital organs: set of sexual organs involved in reproduction.
Sacrum: bone jointed with the hipbone to form the pelvis.
Vesicouterine pouch: bottom the the vesicouterine cavity.
Uterus: female genital organ that contains the fertilized egg during its development.
Sigmoid: final part of the descending colon.
Rectouterine pouch: bottom of the rectouterine cavity.
Posterior vaginal fornix: back end of the vaginal cavity.
Rectum: final part of the large intestine, between the sigmoid and the anus.
Cervix (neck of the womb): narrow part of the uterus.
Anus: end of the large intestine, through which the human body expels solid waste.
Anterior vaginal fornix: front end of the vaginal cavity.
Labia minora: one of two cutaneous folds situated within the labia majora.
Vagina: internal female genital organ, between the vulva and the uterus.
Orifice of urethra: end of the urethra.
Clitoris: erectile organ situated in the upper part of the vulva.
Mons veneris: eminence situated at the front of the female pubis, covered with hair from puberty onwards. Also called the mons pubis.
Eternal urethral sphincter: muscle used to open and close the urethra.
Neck of the urinary bladder: narrow part of the bladder.
Symphysis pubis: semi-mobile pubic joint.
Urinary bladder: pocket in which urine collects.
Ovary: one of two egg-producing genital glands.
Fallopian tube (uterine tube): conduit between the ovary and the uterus.
Suspensory ligament of ovary: tissue that holds the ovary in place.

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