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Human body

Male genital organs


Male genital organs: set of sexual organs involved in human reproduction.
Prostate: gland secreting one of the components of sperm.
Seminal vesicle: small sac related to the semen.
Rectovesical pouch: bottom of the recto-vesical cavity.
Rectal fold: fold related to the rectum.
Rectum: final part of the large intestine, between the sigmoid and the anus.
Prostate urethra: conduit related to the prostate.
Bulbourethral gland: gland related to the bulb and the urethra.
Anus: end of the large intestine, through which the human body expels solid waste.
Bulb of penis: enlargement of the penis.
Sctotum: small sac under the penis containing the testicles.
Testicle: spermatozoa-producing gland.
Epididymus: canal through which the sperm passes.
External urethral orifice: end of the urethra.
Prepuce (foreskin): cutaneous fold covering the glans penis.
Glans: enlarged end of the penis.
Spongy body: spongy tissue.
Penis: external sexual organ of a man.
Ductus deferens: tube carrying sperm out of the penis.
Urethra: small tube through which the human body expels liquid waste.
Corpus cavernosum (cavernous body): more or less empty space.
Symphysis pubis: semi-mobile pubic joint.
Urinary bladder: pocket in which urine collects.

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