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Automobile engine


Automobile engine: apparatus that converts fuel to mechanical energy to power a car.
Air filter: device that removes impurities from air passing trough it.
PVC hose: vinyl tube.
Filter hole: cylindrical part forming the opening of the oil container.
Cylinder head cover: removable cover on the upper part of the motor.
Spark plug cable: cable connecting the spark plug to the distributor cap.
Spark plug cover: spark plug cover.
Spark plug: ignition device of an internal combustion engine.
Exhaust manifold: system that collects spent gases.
Dip stick: instrument that measures the level of oil in a motor.
Flywheel: wheel that, while turning, regulates the speed of the engine.
Engine block: set consisting the motor, the clutch and the gearbox.
Exhaust pipe: pipe through which spent gas is expelled.
Oil filter: device that removes impurities from oil passing through it.
Gas line: network of hoses that transports the gas.
Gas pump: device that moves gas from the gas tank to the engine.
Oil drain plug: cylindrical part that is removed to drain oil from the engine.
Radiator hose: treated rubber tube that connects the lines of a combustion engine.
Pulley: small wheel with a grooved rim, bitted with a belt, that turns the cooling fan.
Fan belt: piece of rubber that wraps around the pulleys and turns the cooling fan.
Water pump: device that circulates water through the radiator.
Fan: apparatus that feed in oxygen the engine's combustion.
Alternator: generator that enables current in both directions.
Distributor: case that enables engine's ignition.
Valve spring: mechanism that keeps the valve closed.

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