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Snowmobile: one of two-seated motor vehicle, with skis and a track, that travels on snow.
Handlebars: metal tube used to steer the snowmobile.
Brake handle: handle that operates the brake.
Backrest: back support.
Passenger restraint strap: handle passengers can use to hold themselves in place.
Dual seat: two-person seat.
Reflector: light-reflecting device on the back of the snowmobile.
Snow guard: part that protects the passenger against flying snow.
Sprocket: round, toothed object that turns on an axel.
Idler wheel: wheel guiding the track.
Track: jointed belt that moves the snowmobile forwards.
Shock absorber: device for reducing shocks.
Leaf spring: mechanism that gives flexibility to the movements of a vehicle.
Ski: piece of metal, curved upward at the front and that facilitates sliding on snow.
Head light: front light.
Air scoop: intake for air to be filtered.
Cab: cover of the engine compartment at the front of a snowmobile.
Windshield: front window.

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