Leaf margins

Leaf margins
Leaf margins: main part of the leaf, usually large and flat.
Undulate: having a wavy margin.
Sinuate: with a sinous margin.
Serrate: having a sharp edge.
Dentate: having a toothed margin.
Lobate: lobed.
Scalloped: with a scalloped margin.
Palmate: like the fingers of a hand spread open.
Digitate: finger like.
Bipinnatisect: with 2 levels of petioles which segments are sessile.
Tripinnatisect: with 3 levels of petioles which segments are sessile.
Pinnatisect: with similar parts on each side of the central axis and sessile.
Palmatisect: with palmate veins and lobes split to the base of the blade.
Pedate: palmately divided which lateral segments also divided.
Palmatilobate: palmate leaf with rounded lobes.
Bipartite: divided into two parts.
Tripartite: divided into three parts.
Palmatipartite: divided almost to the leaf margin.
Pinnatifid: with pinnated divisions.

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EN : Leaf margin
FR : Bords du limbe
ES : Bordes del limbo


The leaf margin is characteristic for a genus and aids in determining the species.