Traditional instruments (2 of 3)

Traditional instruments (2 of 3)
Traditional instruments (2 of 3): musical instruments of different cultures.
Harmonica: free reed wind instrument in which air is blown to produce the notes.
Metal cover: used to manipulate the instrument and also act as a resonator to amplify the sounds.
Blowholes: place where the air is blown or inhaled to produce the notes.
Wooden body: contains the holes where the air travels to the reeds.
Mandolin: plucked string instrument with a pear-shaped body.
Neck: part of the guitar where strings are pressed to produce the notes.
Soundhole: hole from where the sound exits.
Rounded body: hollow part that amplifies the sounds
Bridge: piece that supports the strings and transmits the vibrations to the body.
Tailpiece: piece to which the strings are attached.
Peg: small button used to control the tension of the strings.
Volute: wooden scrolled piece at the end of the neck.