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Animal biology



Morphology of a bird: a warm-blood animal with two wings, two feet, a horny beak and a body covered with feathers.
Thigh: top part of the leg of a bird.
Scapulars: shoulder feathers.
Back: back part of a bird's thorax.
Nape: back of a bird's neck.
Auricular region: part of a bird's head related to the ear.
Crown: top part of a bird's head.
Eye: sight organ of a bird.
Fore head: top part of the face.
Upper mandible: top part of the beak.
Lower mandible: lower part of the beak.
Beak: a set of upper and lower mandibles.
Chin: lower part of the face.
Throat: fron tpart of the neck.
Breast: front part of the thorax.
Wing covert: upper part of the wings.
Flank: side part of the body.
Belly: front of the abdomen.
Primaries: the largest feathers on the edge of a bird's wing.
Secondaries: large feathers between the primaries and the tertials of a bird's wing.
Tarsus: part of the leg of a bird below the thigh.
Foot: the end part of a bird's leg.
Hind toe: jointed rear appendage.
Wing: appendage of aerial locomotio.
Under tail covert: feathers under a bird's tail.
Tail feathers: feathers forming the tail of a bird.
Upper tail feather: feathers above the tail.
Rump: projection of the lower back.

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