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Animal biology



Morphology of a dog: carnivorous domestic mammal raised to perform various tasks for humans.
Ear: organ of hearing.
Nape: back of the neck.
Neck: part of a dog that connects the head to the trunk.
Withers: part fo the dog between the back, the neck and the shoulders.
Back: upper part of a dog's trunk.
Hip: joint connecting the rear leg to the pelvis.
Rump: hindquarters of a dog.
Buttock: fleshy part under the tail.
Tail: extension of the spinal column.
Thigh: upper part of the rear leg.
Leg: lower part fo the rear leg.
Hock: point of the part of the rear leg below the knee.
Cannon bone: part of the rear leg behind the knee.
Hind leg: rear limb.
Belly: lower part of the abdomen.
Chest: lower part of the thorax.
Wrist: joint between the paw and the rest of the rear leg.
Fore leg: front limb.
Breast: front of the body of a dog.
Shoulder: joint that connects the foreleg to a dog's body.
Cheek: part on the side of the head of a dog.
Mouth: entrance to the digestive tract.
Tip of nose: nose of a dog.
Nose: front of the head of a dog, just above the nose.
Eye: sight organ.
Fore head: upper part of the dog's face.

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