Wing of a bird

Wing of a bird
Wing of a bird: a warm-blooded animal with two wings, two feet, a horny beak and a body covered with feathers.
Middle covert: mid-sized feathers of the wing.
Down fethers: small feathers of the wing.
Alula: feathers of the leading edge of the wing, attached to the thumb bone.
Middle primary covert: mid-sized feathers covering the wing.
Primary covert: feathers forming the contour of the wing.
Mirror: formed by the primaries and having metallic colouring.
Primaries: the largest feathers on the edge of a bird's wing.
Secondaries: large feathers between the primaries and the tertials on a bird's wing.
Tetrial: the innermost of the large festhers on a bid's wing.
Great coverts: large feathers covering the wing.
Scapulars: shoulder feathers.

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A Laughing Gull with its wings extended in a gull wing profile. A wing is a surface used to produce lift and therefore flight, for travel in the air. The wing shape is usually an airfoil. The first use of the word was for the foremost limbs of birds, but has been extended to include the wings of insects, bats and pterosaurs and also man-made devices.

Animation : Birds fly

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