Branch with opposite buds

Branch with opposite buds
Branch with opposite buds: small branch.
Terminal bud: but at the end of a branch.
Ventilating area (lenticel): ventilating pore.
Lateral bud with three sets of bud scales: plant formation that develops into a leaf and is covered with three rows of small protective scales.
Woody pith (core): central core of the plant.
Bud scale scars from the preceding year: marks left by the terminal bud from the previous year.
Petiole: part of the plant connecting the leaf to the stem.
Venation: the veins of the leaf.
Blade: main part of the leaf.

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A cactus is any member of the succulent plant family Cactaceae, native to the Americas. They are often used as ornamental plants, but some are also crop plants.