Brain or encephalon (lateral view): Seat of mental capacities of a human.
Central sulcus or fissure: groove on the middle of the cerebrum.
Parietal lobe: projecting part on the side of the cerebrum.
Postcentral gyrus: sinuous fold on the back of the cerebrum.
Occipital lobe: projecting part at the back of the brain containing the optical centers.
Occipital pole: hindmost part of the cerebrum.
Cerebellum: nervous centre situated under the brain.
Brain stem: part of the brain consisting of the medulla oblongata, the pons Varoli and the mesencephalon.
Lateral sulcus or fissure: groove on the side of the cerebrum separating two lobes.
Temporal lobe: projecting part of the cerebrum in the area of the temples.
Frontal pole: foremost part of the cerebrum.
Precentral gyrus: sinuous fold on the front of the cerebrum.
Frontal lobe: projecting part in the area of the forehead.

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EN : Human skin
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ES : Piel humana


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