Bridge (cross section)

Bridge (cross section)
Bridge (cross section): construction that allows automobile to travel between two points separated by an obstacle.
Parapet: parapet constructed to prevent people from falling off a bridge.
Sidewalk: raised passage at the side reserved for pedestrian traffic.
Deck: platform of a bridge.
Assembled with bolts: construction using nuts and bolts.
Stiffening beam: longitudinal piece that hold an iron cable.
Longitudinal stiffener: mechanism used to tighten an iron cable.
Pylon: generally tower-like support.

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Highway is a term commonly used is to designate major roads intended for travel by the public between important destinations, such as cities. Highway designs vary widely. They can include some characteristics of grade separations, multiple lanes of traffic, a median between lanes of opposing traffic, and access control, ramps and grade separation. Highways can also be as simple as a two-lane, shoulderless road. The term highway can also be varied country-to-country, and can be referred to a road, freeway, superhighway, autoroute, autobahn, parkway, expressway, autostrasse, autostrada, byway, auto-estrada or motorway.