Level crossing

Level crossing
Level crossing: the intersection of a road and a railway.
Level crossing sign: x-shaped sign.
Gate arm lamp: light on the gate arm of a level crossing.
Gate arm: movable wooden barrier of a level crossing.
Gate arm support: base of the gate arm.
Crossing gate mechanism: mechanism that operates a crossing gate.
Number of tracks sign: sign indication the number of tracks to cross.
Flashing light: light that flashes on and off at regular intervals.
Peep hole: control signal light.

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EN : Railroad crossing
FR : Passage à niveau
ES : Paso a nivel


The term railroad crossing is a crossing on one level,without recourse to a bridge or tunnel of a railway line by a road, path, or another railroad. It also applies when a light rail line with separate right-of-way crosses a road.

Animation : Crossing signals

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