Metro station

Metro station
Metro station: place where the subway train stops so that passengers can embark and disembark.
Support column: vertical support, usually cylindrical.
Clock: dial that indicates the time of day.
Escalator: set of moving, interconnected steps, that carry people up and down.
Advertising board: sign that offers commercial products for sale.
Platform: deck used for the embarkation and disembarkation of travelers.
Metro track: subway rail.
Subway map: plan of a transportation system.
Bench: type of seat.
Destination indicator: name of the last station of a line.
Footbridge: narrow passageway.
Lighting: electric lighting system.

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EN : Metro station
FR : Station de Métro
ES : Estación del metro


Metro stations, more so than railway and bus stations, often have a characteristic artistic design that can identify each stop. Some metro station are famous for the beautiful architecture and public art in their metro systems.

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